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How to Buy Land

Are you looking to buy land in Greene County, New York? Our region is filled with scenic lakes and mountains meant for your next dream home.

Learning how to buy land is a lot less intimidating when you understand the basic process. On the surface, buying a farm has a very ‘get away from it all’ sort of appeal. The reality is that farming can be emotionally and financially stressful. Many people are moving from urban areas to experience space, air, a place to run and stretch and plant more than three potted tomato plants a season. If you dream about dreaming of acreage of your very own to signing on the dotted line? Just like anything else, buying land starts with planning ahead and research.

“Buying land is not like buying a home,” says Nathan Morrow, a broker and land specialist with Morrow Land Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. “What I recommend is to have a plan in place before you start actually visiting properties. By understanding your overall budget, timeline, and how you hope to use the property, you will feel much more confident when it comes time to tour properties.”

What are the steps to buying land?

  1. Find a realtor – A realtor will help you get the best price on your dream property
  2. Meet with a Lender – Get preapproved for a loan if you aren’t paying cash and get a solid idea on how you want to use the piece of property
  3. How much does it cost? The answer always depends on where you are looking to purchase. The price differs based on the location. Typically, the closer you are to a city or town, the more you’ll spend. The price also depends on how much acreage there is and if the land has access to running water, a septic system, or electricity.
  4. How much should I put as a down payment? Land Lenders typically require the buyer to pay 15%-25% of the purchase price at closing. This usually comes as a big surprise to people who haven’t purchased a piece of property before.
  5. What about zoning? It’s important to understand zoning in the area you’re buying land. There are agricultural, industrial, and rural zones which all mean different things. Click here to see zoning information for Greene County.
    • Rural zones are designated for farms or ranches.
    • Industrial zones can be confusing because they may look like they are rural or heavily wooded. The price tag is much higher on these properties.
    • Agricultural zones are meant to limit the residential density of an area and/or protect land for agricultural use.
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