Checklist for Viewing a House

Are you wondering what to look for when viewing a house for sale? Finding your dream home depends on more than just passing inspection. Before choosing a house, it’s good to make your own, personalized checklist of what you want in your dream home. Bring this checklist to open houses and viewings, share it with your realtor, and use it to help inform your decisions.

Most people can think of at least one thing they want in a new home: a desired location, space for a growing family, minimal upkeep, or a variety of other possibilities. Your personal checklist should not stop there, however. There are many details that can vary house to house that you may not think of at first. That’s why we provide Realtor Magazine’s checklist for defining your dream home.

When you view this checklist, think about each item on the list and what preference you might have. Then rate that preference as vital, important, neutral, or not important. Pay particular attention to your vital preferences — you and your realtor can use these vital preferences as an initial filter to help you sort through listings. Is it vital to you to have a bathtub? Have you considered how often you will have guests — what is the minimum number of bedrooms you will need? How important is it to you to have a garage? Is there any type of heating or air conditioning  that you particular want or don’t want?

If you find you have a lot of vital preferences, it may also help to rank them. Which is more important to you, the size of the yard or the school district? If the view is breathtaking, does that make the need for a little remodeling worthwhile?

At Lake & Mountain, we want to help you find your dream home. We invite you to review our checklist and give us a call!

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