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The Catskills

The Catskills are a perfect upstate New York destination to find cabins for sale. Traditionally, a cabin is defined as a small house with characteristics of the frontier or rustic home. It is not unusual to see log cabins in the Catskills. There are many cozy chalets on Windham or Hunter Mountain or Sleepy Hollow Lake in Athens, New York.

Log cabins may feel timeless, but many believe they date back to the Bronze Age and Roman Empire around 3,500 B.C.! Fast forward a few thousand years later, and it was not until the 1600s when it was popularized in Eastern Europe, specifically in Scandinavia. When the log cabin finally “crossed” the ocean into the western hemisphere, it was brought to North America by the Swedes and Finns around 1638.

Now, the log cabin craze is taking over the housing market and has become synonymous with Upstate New York. More people opt to get away within a driving distance from New York City to reconnect and regroup. There’s a heightened feeling of intensity living in a populated area that can be alleviated living in the mountains. Cabins for sale are becoming more popular in Greene County, and their visual elements can translate into interests. Instead of dreaming about a top-of-the-line chef’s kitchen with granite countertops, many cabin buyers prioritize outdoor grills or fire pits. This only adds to the “hominess” of living in a log cabin in the Catskills.

Modern cabins are stylish, cozy structures that provide warmth by the surrounding natural elements. Many cabins have contemporary features such as large windows, high ceilings, decorative stonework, and fireplaces to add to the luxury feel. The word “cabin” can refer to a variety of structures and styles.

Log Cabins

This is the most traditional and well-known cabin. Log cabins are made of a variety of different types of wood, log shapes, and styles. Spruce logs are popular due to their resistance to decay. This cabin type is found in Hunter and Windham Mountain!

A-Frame Cabins

A-Frame Cabins are becoming more popular because they are aesthetically more modern. They can accommodate a loft sleeping area and high ceilings. These cabins are more common in the Catskills thanks to the “minimalist” and tiny living trends.

Mobile Cabins

Mobile Cabins or “Portable” Cabins are a prefabricated option that is turnkey-ready but offers less square footage. This is comparable to a mobile home but is more aesthetically pleasing.

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